This is Mazdax Design, your home for amazing WordPress news and tips.  I’ve been in the WordPress design game for quite some time now and I still get very excited about WordPress.  This CMS is the absolute best for crafting amazing websites that work for almost any kind of purpose.  WordPress started off as a regular blogging software, but it’s evolved so much since it’s initial release over a decade ago.  Now, you can do more than just blog, you can create amazing websites for selling products, for giving folks the latest news, for keeping your friends and family in the loop as far as what you’ve been up to.  For businesses, whether they’re corporate or creative, for folks who want to create an online community, for folks who need to develop a nice online resumé, WordPress is a popular and fast growing choice for many people.

But how do you get started building an amazing WordPress website?  Well, I always wondered that myself, but now I’ve found this tutorial, it’s all coming together in a very real way.

So, what if you don’t want to create your own website, but you want to buy a premium quality, pre-made theme?  Well, that’s absolutely easy to do too.  I’ll show you.

There are loads of awesome themes out there that work for almost any type of website.  If you want something that’s great for a portfolio, you can have it.  A blog theme?  Totally possible as well.  Magazines, business sites and more.